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we propose:

Hey NEFOC crew! Thanks so much for reaching out to us with this project. This is the perfect kind of project for us to utilize all our skills, and it’s mission aligned to boot. We’re excited to be working alongside with you. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please feel free to contact JC by phone or email.


1. Proposal Overview
2. Your Design Team 
3. Calendar Proposal
4. Cost Proposal
5. Next Steps

Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎

We want to split this project into 3 distinct phases: Our first phase will be a sprint—this is where we’ll take care of our brand necessities by building the brand’s guidelines, establishing the brand’s marks (logos, type lockups, etc.), and developing the brand’s web presence. Our second phase should begin in January, and will involve us creating the brand’s assets. Ideally, we’ll be working in tandem with your organizational team to prepare assets as you need them (such as templates for social media), while working on dedicated conference materials as well (Such as maps, pamphlets, parking diagrams, etc.). Our third phase is what we’ll call ‘brand maintenance’. Beginning in the spring, this is where we’ll work with you all to communicate with vendors and generally prepare for the conference itself. 

At a glance 
Phase 1 : Brand Sprint - establish conference branding and set up a website
Phase 2 : Asset Building - building upon phase 1 materials 
Phase 3 : Brand Maintenance - preparing for the conference 

Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎ Proposal follows ︎︎︎

Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎

Juan Carlos Franco
Brand/Design lead
Accountability Partner

J.C. has 8 years of brand experience with 3 years of dedicated conference branding experience. He will be leading the branding effort this year, and helping to construct assets next. As the accountability partner, he’ll be your main contact as we set goals and calendar deadlines with the rest of the team. 
Kyra Gross
Art Direction 
Illustration Lead 

K.G. is the head of Cheeks Studio—a collaborative illustration and animation studio—with years of experience in art, commission based illustration, and non-profit work. K.G. will be leading the asset building phase with their illustrations at the top of the year. 
Chad Oni 
Website development lead
Asset Construction

Chad is private creative consultant with a freelance writing practice. Their specialties lie in UX, Web Development, Branding, and cultural criticism. Chad will be building the conference website this year, then moving to asset construction next year. 

Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ Your Design Team ︎︎︎ 

Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ 



negotiation, agreement, deposit collection, brand audit, initial goal-setting meeting
The rest of this month will be dedicated to solidifying our agreements and collecting a deposit. Then, we will perform a brand audit, where i’ll collect from you all existing and perpetuating brand ephemera that you wish to perpetuate (such as NEFOC logos, copywriting guidelines, etc). This will allow us to get a bearing on what we can change and what we wish to align from a design perspective. 

This month is characterized by a kick off and goal-setting meeting, where we list out all of the projects we for sure want to accomplish this year, and then together set accoundability deadlines for them.


Brand sprint proper
Our goal is to establish a solid direction by the first two weeks of November. That way, we can spend the rest of the month focusing on 1) building the website and 2) building our brand guidelines—which include logo usage rules, colors, and fonts. We should have at least 2 accountability check-ins during this month so we can make sure that we are heading in the right direction with our asset construction. 

By the end of this month, we should be making final edits to logos, assets, and close to publishing the website. 


Finishing Touches 
By December we should have a website, logo, brand guidelines, and a few assets already constructed to help lead us into the next year. Else, we’ll continue edit rounds until we’re at a happy place! 

Note: Our design team will collectively pause on work around the solstice (Dec 21st) with the intention to check back in by the new year (Jan 6). 


Winter  (Jan - Feb
New Year Kick-Off 
With the new year, we will want to have a kick-off meeting to celebrate what’s been done, and review what needs to be done. The rest of the year will be dictated by this meeting, but we assume that all the way into march we’ll be illustrating assets, establishing maps, and generally working with your team to figure out content needs 

Spring-Summer ( March and on
This season’s goals will be dictated by our January Kick Off meeting

Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ Calendar Proposal ︎︎︎ 

Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎

We believe this project is fairly valued at 

~5,000 USD* 

Here’s how we break down our cost: 

Upfront + External Costs 
  • Deposit (30%) → ~1500 
  • % payment of remainder → ~3500 over the course of ~8 months 
  • *Potential font usage/typeface fees → TBD
  • **Domain name → 10-30.00/month

Payment, Rate, & Continued Support 
Deposit. Before we begin, we need to collect 30% of the total cost of the proposal. 

Remaining % of total costs can be made in payment plans per moth of project duration, or on a mutually agreed periodic basis

For additional deliverable requests outside of what’s listed in this scope, additional projects will be priced per item 
Cost Breakdown
for ~9 month retainer of creative labor, the work of 3 human hands, and the deliverables listed here: 

Conference Brand Projects consist of setting up the conference branding and creating the website 
  • Mood Boards 
  • Logo 
  • Brand Guidelines Document
  • Check In Meetings
  • Potential Edit Rounds 

Key Conference Projects consist of assignments such as website creation (with a specifi number of pages), physical media design, templates for social media, etc.

    • Signage for grounds (printed)
    • Fliers (printed + digital file )
    • map/schedule brochure (printed + digital file )
    • Event Banners (printed + digital file )
    • Instagram templates 
    • Email templates 

Asset Library will contain a certain amount of digital assets meant to be used and reused in different contexts.
    • Logos and Type Lockups
    • Illustrations.. (~2 full color, full page illustrations with 10 movable graphics)
    • Banners.. (~3 digital)

Brand Strategy Projects consist of scheduling, logistics, vendor communications, social media strategy, and copywriting. 

*Note: please don’t be afraid to call us up if you’d like a more detailed price outline, or would like to discuss alternative financing or alternative equity. 

Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎ Cost Proposal ︎︎︎
Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎ Next Steps ︎︎︎

Like what you see? 

Let us know! Contact J.C. through phone or email. We’ll gather necessary paperwork and send it your way.

After that, we’ll collect an agreed upon deposit through an electronic invoice.

Then, we should set up a Kick Off meeting where we look over and decide direction and set goals for the remaining year. 

Hey Ailin! ︎
We’ve taken the liberty of starting a brand mood board to get our gears turning. We’ve included a few pieces that you’ve enjoyed from our proposals, as well as a few images that have been reminding of us the mission. Check it out here: